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Source Technology Group, a division of E&M Management L.L.C., was formed after a number of years as a contractor on the GSA Schedule 75. As a contractor, Rick Morsovillo and his team learned that that working with the government isn’t simple and you continually need to think outside about the box. The key component to our prosperity was offering an expansive and convenient index to the government. This focus fueled a massive growth in our government sales. Over time, we identified a number of contractors who were struggling with their restricted, and niche catalogue that could benefit by reflecting our straightforward approach. As this revelation sank in, our concept was born and is now being implemented en masse by a number of contractors on various schedules. Now, we supply contractors with all the tools to increase their catalogue size without bringing on dozens of new vendors, keeping up with their 50,000+ item catalogue, and managing the chaos of their increase in orders by the thousands. Now, we make it our mission to helping small businesses grow their government sales.

Source Technology Group now has organizations that include:

  • 26 Schedule 75 Contracts
  • 3 Schedule 70 Contracts
  • 1 Schedule 81 Contract
  • 1 Schedule 36 Contract
  • 1 Schedule 58I Contract
  • 3 DOD Contracts

Our Partnership Program handles the tasks that your typical contract management company would while focusing on contract growth. You get the best of both worlds without incurring additional expenses.

Our Partnership Program is centered on these objectives:

  • Expand the quantity of items on your contract.
  • Expand the quantity of orders you receive.
  • Decrease the workload for the contract owner.
  • Help with all GSA sales.

The significant advantage to our service is our partner’s ability to continue focusing on their niche business. Our partners continue to process the orders for their existing products, while we function as a third party order processor to handle the rest on the contractor’s behalf. We receive the order, process the order, verify product delivery, pay the IFF Fee (Industrial Funding Fee), process payment, handle all returns and customer service inquiries, and everything in between. Additionally, we handle all the tracking sales data for your Report Card Visits.

Source Technology Group was founded by Rick Morsovillo as a service to GSA contractors everywhere. If you are interested in connecting with  please give Source Technology Group, a call at (855) 265-0899 or fill out the form to the left.