About Rick Morsovillo: Humble Beginings

Rick Morsovillo was born in Landstuhl, Germany and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Rick was forced to grow up quickly and money was tight for his family. For this reason Rick accepted his first position in the workforce at the age of 14 as a worker in a local deli. From there, Rick went on to work a number of jobs, including a stint as a hot dog cart vendor.

During this time, Rick’s passions grew as he served businessmen and women hot dogs. This led Rick to promising himself and his future family that he would achieve financial success and they would not face the same battles he did. In 1988, Rick Morsovillo was hired as a salesman for a telemarketing firm in Chicago and his passions were ignited. It was at this call center that Rick began to realize his potential as he rose through the ranks and met his wife.

Birth of an Entreprenuer

In 1993 Rick was approached by a man who offered him the opportunity to become the partner in a new call center that was opening up in Springfield, Missouri. At that moment, history was made as Rick moved to Springfield with his wife (girlfriend at the time) to open his own call center, and E&M Management, LLC was born.

“I realized that if I could make somebody else successful, why couldn’t I do that for myself?”

Sometimes, you just have to recognize the road of opportunity meets your dreams. Every day entrepreneurs aren’t born, they are thrust into an unsuspecting opportunity that ignites their passions and it is as if the worlds align.

“I never really decided to just become an entrepreneur… The opportunity presented itself, and I accepted it.”


Hungry for more success, Rick Morsovillo launched another firm (TeleChoice) reaching deep from his experience in the call center business. Through TeleChoice, Rick discovered a niche in an outbound call center that specialized in appointment setting in a time when countless call centers were busy focusing on inbound calls. This niche provided TeleChoice the opportunity to handle the painful task of cold calling and set highly qualified lead oriented appointments for other businesses. Today, many of TeleChoice’s clients experience sales opportunities like they never had before and are steadily increasing the profitability of their businesses.

Having battled through his share of trials, Rick Morsovillo stands as an example of an entrepreneur who made something of himself despite having a rough childhood. Rick is a firm believer of achieving your dreams through hard work and perseverance.

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