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TeleChoice, a division of E&M Management, LLC was formed by Rick Morsovillo and his team after recognizing the need for quality appointment setting services. The core operation of TeleChoice is to give financially savvy answers for organizations in the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry. We realize that an essential piece of the operation incorporates appointment setting, and this is exactly where we specialize.

Appointment setting is not just another idea for the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry. It is an integral aspect that is fundamental for steady growth and development. We put forth the defense that whether you have outsourced a prior assignment, are presently doing so, or even if you are attempting “in-house” measures.

TeleChoice can do it better. This how we do it:

Firstly, TeleChoice prides itself on the lifespan of its workforce. Encouraging tenure is a key quality that separates us from the competition. This influences the final result in a number of ways, all of which are beneficial for you (and for us)! We are all mindful of the general stigma for the standard call center workforce. We realize that turnover rate directly and proportionally impacts the quality and execution of any call center. This is precisely why TeleChoice remains better than the rest. Give our pilot program a shot, and you’ll see it for yourself. Our specialists have a personal stake in the long haul, and we back them up 100%.

Quality Assurance:

It has been our experience that most (however not all) commercial cleaning and janitorial service organizations have outsourced at one point for their appointment setting needs. They are often left with unimpressive results. The issues that we find out about range from: operators “pummeling” potential clients into accepting estimate appointments; to inoperable language hindrances (sub-contracting to cheaper labor nations for instance); to outright lying. Truly, we don’t get it by any stretch of the imagination. With the abundance of experience we have in the call center industry, we make it a point to hire and tenure the best of the best. Not only does this mean above average communication, relational abilities, and above-board ethics and professionalism. We also record and live-screen the majority of our operators to guarantee quality and to stop issues before they begin. We understand reputation and how troublesome it can be in today’s business sector to set up a recognized brand. We do not expect anything other than the best from our representatives, and it shows in the leads we provide to our clients.

The TeleChoice Guarantee:

We remain by our service. We work hard to stay in constant contact with our clients. We really listen to and value their feedback. On the off chance that concerns emerge, we address them expeditiously. Instead of offering a sluggish and generalized claim process, we offer credits on a “case-by-case” basis. With all of our calls recorded (as per applicable state laws), we have the capacity to guarantee the quality of our pilot and campaign programs without breaking a sweat. It would appear that not everybody has the same philosophy that we do here, but our number one priority is YOU! If you are satisfied with us, we know what that means to our bottom line. If you are not satisfied with us, we know we’ll lose you to the competition. While our objective is to assist business owners in running a more expansive and profitable business, we also realize that our own interests are directly tied to the success of our clients.

The fact of the matter is that there are numerous reasons why we feel distinguished from the opposition. Connect with Telechoice today to hear more about these reasons.

TeleChoice was founded by Rick Morsovillo as a service to small businesses looking for an edge. If you are interested in connecting with  Telechoice,  give them a call at (877) 866-3731 or fill out the form to the left.