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E&M Management, LLC: A History

Rick Morsovillo moved to Springfield, Missouri in 1993 to start his first company. As a tribute to his lineage, Rick combined his mother’s maiden name (Edwards) and his family name (Morsovillo) together and came up with E&M Management. In order to facilitate the growth that Rick had envisioned, he set up E&M Management, LLC to be a “holding company” for his successful startups.

Today, E&M Management, LLC continues to pursue quality and excellence through its collection of companies: Source Technology Group, and TeleChoice.

E&M Management, LLC: A Committed “Solutions First” Administration Firm

Here at E&M Management, LLC we offer a number of strategic solutions for developmental consultation, business administration, and business consultation services.

We are an organization committed to development through detailed productivity measures and general item diversification. Additionally, we seek organization-wide development as we partner with our clients. It is our intention to function as a “One-Stop Shop” for all of your business management needs.