How to Contact Me

If you want to see what my online life is like outside of my site, you can connect with me on just about all of the social networking platforms. I enjoy connecting with new business owners online to share inspiration, ideas, and communities.

Facebook is a powerful tool that many business professionals use. While I do use my Facebook profile to interact with my friends and family, I also use this platform to share other great articles and blogs I have found. Feel free to send me a friend request while you are on my profile!

Twitter is an awesome mini-blog platform for sharing inspiration, ideas, and thoughts. I frequently post updates on what I am reading and mulling over on my Twitter profile. From time-to-time I do engage in conversation with others, but I find the platform to be a bit focused on one-way communication. Hit that follow button while you are checking out my Twitter profile!

Google+ is one of my favorite social media platforms. This platform is great for connecting with both individuals and communities. I use my Google+ profile to actively engage with other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other digital marketers. I look forward to sharing ideas and exploring new possibilities with you on Google+!

Pinterest is a phenomenal bookmark oriented site. What I love most about Pinterest is sharing practical infographics, interesting blogs, and educational articles. I use my Pinterest profile to discover new ideas, bookmark the stuff that I find, and pass it all on to those who give me a follow. Hit the red follow button to stay informed on my latest bookmarks!