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More About Rick Morsovillo’s Companies

Generating innovative business ideas is the easy part. The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is accepting the risk involved in launching a new company and pursuing it while holding nothing back. I am very fortunate to reap the rewards of success. Although I am far from achieving my goals, I am encouraged every day as I travel ever closer to my dreams.

Being an entrepreneur is about freedom. Having the freedom to work for yourself and pursue your dreams. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I have learned a thing or two. The following companies embody the fruit of many lessons learned and are part of my ventures.

E&M Management, LLC

Rick Morsovillo launched E&M Management, LLC to offer customized solutions for maximizing organizational development and business management. E&M Management excels in the business world with its unique commitment to innovative business solutions. The solutions range from customer service consultation to payment processing and everything in between.


TeleChoice is a premier provider of appointment setting solutions specializing in the Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning industry. Rick Morsovillo and his team of entrepreneurs launched TeleChoice to exceed the traditional shortcomings of call centers. TeleChoice employees work hard to set appointments, schedule them into your calendar, and even call ahead to confirm the appointment. TeleChoice leads the industry in creative approaches to appointment setting.