What Drives an Entrepreneur P.1

What drives an entrepreneur part 1

Hey there, my name is Rick Morsovillo and in my time as an entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity to discuss the many motivational factors and reasons as to why an individual would embrace the risks associated with becoming an entrepreneur. Is it money? Success? Autonomy? Or do entrepreneurs just have big egos?

Being a business person myself, I needed to know why others work with tireless devotion. For me, I’ve realized it’s not just about the cash, although cash is a great benefit. So is it the same for others? What I found was that there are many motivators behind business persons and their drive for entrepreneurial success.

If not cash, what are business visionaries driven by? This article discusses the 10 most common reasons that I have identified.

1. Opportunity

To many entrepreneurs, opportunity is king. Many entrepreneurs love the opportunities they have to set their own schedule, pursue their passions, hire staff to handle the aspects of their business they want to avoid, and love the lives they lead. I absolutely love the ability I have to be a father to my children and to be a part of their lives. I love the fact that I can support my family and be a provider for my wife in all of the ways that she looks to me to sustain our family. Additionally, I love that I get to work through my strengths in helping businesses succeed to meet my family’s financial needs. Most importantly, I can spend as much time with my family as I want.

2. Self-Rule

A few business people just need to keep away from the everyday routine. As an entrepreneur, I get to be independent and take the job opportunities that I want. I do not have to fulfill the traditional 8-5 job while working for someone else. Essentially, I get to be my own boss.

3. Freedom

Many entrepreneurs enjoy the freedom that comes with choosing their own daily tasks, and they get to pick when to fulfill their “office” time. Through my company, E&M Management, I have the flexibility to choose which companies I consult and to which companies I provide services. Additionally, many entrepreneurs enjoy being able to service companies with similar values.

4. Obligation to society

So many entrepreneurs enjoy their ability to service and assist other companies in making the world a better place. Many entrepreneurs incorporate this driving force into the mission and vision of their companies; quite a few of the most profitable businesses got their starts from driven entrepreneurs. I would highly encourage any business-minded person that wants to impact the world: review personal skill sets; start a company that will allow fulfillment of this drive; allow the experience of empowerment that can come from this success.

5. Impact

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling that what they do matters? Who doesn’t appreciate knowing that they are making a difference in the world? As an entrepreneur, I know that every decision I make has an impact on my business and my life. I get to enjoy the success and fruit of my decisions every single day, and that fact is significant to me.


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