What Drives an Entrepreneur P.2

What drives an entrepreneur part 2

Hey there, my name is Rick Morsovillo and this is the second installment in my series on what motivates an entrepreneur to do what they do. Is it money? Success? Autonomy? Or do entrepreneurs just have big egos? In this blog, I discuss what I found when I asked a number of my entrepreneurial friends. Click here, to read part 1.

6. Family

So many entrepreneurs enjoy the simple fact that their family can be an integral part of their business. Many more enjoy the luxury to be as involved in their family as they want. I love that I get to be a coach to my son and his friends. I love that I can pick up the phone whenever I want to talk with my wife, and I don’t have to worry about my boss getting upset with me. My family knows that my work is important, and they support me in that. In turn, I feel a strong desire to support them in the things that matter most to them.

7. Change

Several entrepreneurs enjoy the ability to be an active proponent of change and efficiency. As a consultant, I work hard to help my clients increase proficiency and maximize their businesses’ potentials. With certainty, I can say that what I do makes a change for the better of my clients. So many other entrepreneurs enjoy this truth too.

8. Legacy

Most entrepreneurs are building their legacies every single day. This is the freedom of opportunity available to any entrepreneur. The legacy I gladly leave to my children is this: hard work and perseverance lead to financial success. I am a big proponent of people being able to pursue their dreams. I would highly encourage all entrepreneurially minded individuals to identify the legacy that they want to leave. Then, find a business solution that will assist them in obtaining that legacy.

9. Achievement

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to achievement. Every bit of success is related to a good business decision on their part. I love the personal sense of accomplishment that comes every day as I pursue my dreams and achieve the reality that I seek.

10. Control

Many entrepreneurs are driven by the security that comes with having full control of what they do. Every individual gets to determine how hard they work. As an entrepreneur, I am empowered to set my own schedule, accomplish my own tasks, and be in control of everything I do.

I’m a major believer that cash is not what drives individuals to work hard. On the off chance that you need effective, and successful employees, think of what drives you to be successful. Is it opportunity, adaptability, social obligation, or the capacity to do incredible work? Give your workforce chances to flourish in these regions, and you won’t need to manage employees who are spurred just by cash. In the same light, discover what motivates you, and pursue that with the utmost dedication.

This blog is a two-part series that I have enjoyed studying and writing. Click here to read What Drives An Entrepreneur P.1!

Again, my name is Rick Morsovillo and this blog details my findings of what motivates entrepreneurs to do what they do. Click here to return to Rick Morsovillo’s blogs.