3 Outstanding Tips On Accomplishment From Rick Morsovillo

Rick Morsovillo on Accomplishment

We all have strengths that underlie the story of our lives. One of mine is the ability to accomplish things. If the ability to accomplish is not a strength of yours, it’s ok – we are not all great at everything. Here are a few tips on accomplishment in seeing an idea through that have been helpful for me in getting things done.

Tip On Accomplishment #1: Keep the Vision Clear.

Whether it’s a starting new business unit or managing a small project, it’s important that the end goal stays in focus.  This becomes the lens you look through when you need to make decisions. For example, in order to score the goal in hockey, I have to make decisions on the ice that get me closer to the net, not farther away.

Tip On Accomplishment #2: Qualify the Advice-Giver.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it doesn’t mean that their advice is best applied in accomplishing your particular goal. Or if it’s a team goal, it doesn’t mean that their opinions serve the good of project. A lot of people take in advice and then feel obligated to act on it. Advice givers, including myself, offer advice for many reasons – to be helpful, out of concern and sometimes to be self-serving. For example, as a hockey coach I want my team to be successful. Throughout the season I receive a lot of advice about which players should get the most ice time. I assess the words as much as who is speaking them to decide whether it will help me accomplish my goal. Then I act, or not.

Tip On Accomplishment #3: Celebrate!

What’s accomplishment without some sort of recognition of it? It can be as simple as a private pat on your own back or as elaborate as a party.

In the end, it’s the sense of accomplishment – that feeling of having completed something – that keeps me motivated to get things done. So for those who don’t think it’s a strength of yours I leave you with this last thought. Practice makes perfect.

I hope you found my tips on accomplishment helpful. If you think of any additional tips that you would like to share with me or others, please send me the feedback using the form to the left. Again, my name is Rick Morsovillo and thanks again for taking the time to read my blog.