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Easy Employee Motivation TipsFrom Our Call Center

I believe it is safe to say that we all know that motivated employees work better and harder. The tricky part, is making sure that your staff is always motivated and encouraged to reach their potential. However, I believe that we sometimes try to over-complicate employee motivation. Below are three simple tips that we have discovered to keep your workforce motivated and productive.

1 – Keeping it Fresh

Just like your favorite foods, fresh is best. However, this can be hard when you are surrounded by the same people 5 days a week. And regardless of how much you love your job, it can become monotonous. This is especially true for repetitive industries such as call centers and sales. Find ways to break things up and it’s even better when this leads to fun and laughter. Randomly walking through the office with a goofy hat or ringing a bell when someone schedules an appointment are some of the tricks we use to keep our employees motivated.

2 – Foster Employee Appreciation

Who doesn’t like to know that they are appreciated in what they do? Think about it, don’t you like to know that what you said or did mattered? The same is true for everyone. Find ways to show your staff your appreciation for their hard work, and they will reward you with working even harder. We take pride in our staff’s demonstration of their appreciation towards each other. We frequently show our appreciation to our staff by having regular cookouts. Showing your employees appreciation for all they do for you is definitely a must for any company that values employee motivation.

3 – Survey Your Employees

Rewarding your staff is a powerful component of increasing your overall employee motivation. Sometimes it is so hard to come up with the best ways to reward your workforce. We are all unique people with different likes and dislikes. What one person would highly appreciate for a reward might mean little to another. One of the things that we do to motivate our staff is routinely survey their likes. The key is to find easy-to-get things that the most people would like. We know what all of our employees favorite candy bars are. We keep a stash in our office and publicly reward them with their favorite.

I have been in the business of employee motivation for a long time. I do not pretend to be perfect at it, but I have learned a thing or two and I hope these techniques are helpful in your business.

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